Berg Tap 2 – 8 Portion Sizes – Easy Clean

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  • All pours accurate, consistent, controlled and recorded
  • Eliminates loss from over pouring and spills
  • Maximizes keg yield
  • Fast and easy to use and install
  • Up to 50 taps per Dispenser Network
  • Tap lock out for multiple taps on single brand line
  • 8 portion sizes and 4 price levels per tap
  • Cancel, Repeat, Add-A-Head, & Pause Functions
  • Flow meters compensate for pressure variations
  • Meters and dispenses either by volume or time
  • Perlick stainless steel faucets for reliable pouring and easy cleaning


Berg TAP2™ draft beer, wine and liquor dispensers and controls are specifically designed with Perlick stainless steel faucets for consistent pours of beer, wine and large batch liquor drinks like margaritas, including Guinness beer and pouring warm beer with minimum foam. With the TAP2 draft beer dispensing system controlling over-pour, waste, “give-a-ways” and unauthorized drinking, bar owners have experienced up to twice the profits over sales of bottled or canned beer.